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Carson’s racing career started in the Spring of 2016 on a family dirt go-kart track and has progressed to driving a legend car. Along the way he has won several championships in the USLCI/INEX Bandolero car and plans to get his first Legend Car Championship very soon.

When Carson is not at the track racing or testing, he is busy reviewing race videos, working on his car, and working with one of his coaches. He attends events and guest appearances to assist his partners with increasing their sales and building his brand.

While Carson is passionate about racing and building his business brand, he does take time to keep a healthy balance in his life. Fishing at the lakes & ponds around Charlotte and fishing trips to the North and South Carolina coasts allow him to slow down.

Living in the Carolinas allows Carson to enjoy golf year-round on many beautiful courses from the mountains to the coast. Whether it is a few hours at a practice range or all day on a course, he enjoys being outside, sharing a round of golf with his friends, and meeting people.

In addition to indoor gun range shooting, Carson enjoys the outdoor sport of Clay Pigeon Shooting. Being outside at a skeet or trap range is another place Carson is able to spend time with friends and develop new friendships.

When Carson started racing it is was about the thrill, excitement, and rush of driving a car fast around a track competing with other drivers. As he has matured in this sport his passion for racing has grown into a passion for building his personal business brand. Meeting potential business partners and working together to build both business’ brands is actually fun and exciting to Carson. That’s not to say he has lost or replaced his passion for racing, business development has served to increase his passion for racing and the motorsports industry.

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