skip to Main Content | “I didn't find racing, racing found me.” TM – Carson Ramsey

Born:  October 1, 2004
Hometown: Charlotte, North Carolina
Home Track: Charlotte Motor Speedway

Carson started racing go-karts on a family dirt go-kart track during the Spring of 2016 with several experienced drivers from all areas of the motorsports industry. It was a place for drivers and friends to get together and race. As his skills improved by the end of the summer, Mike Gordon, owner of Team Gordon, suggested Carson try racing a Bandolero car. During the final 2 races of the Fall Series and The Spooktacular race at Concord Speedway, Carson drove as a Beginner Bandit in a bandolero.

Racing had found Carson, he was hooked. During this time, he had to make a difficult decision between playing baseball 100% which he loved or go racing 100%. Carson Ramsey Racing was created in the Fall of 2016 and Carson’s first Bandolero racecar was purchased from U.S. Legend Cars International. Living less than 5 miles from U.S. Legend Cars office, he went by weekly to watch his Bandolero being built.

In Winter 2016, at the age of 12, Carson started in his new #77 Bandolero as a Beginner Bandit in the 2017 Winter Heat series at the Charlotte Motor Speedway’s 1/5 mile oval track. By his 5th race he was winning and loving being at the track.

As the Spring of 2017 started, Carson was becoming a student of driving, how the car handles, and what he needed to do to adjust to the car and track. As the year progressed his work ethic at the track developed to the point that when he walks through the gates, “It’s all business!”

Carson was crowned the 2017 Spring Series Beginner Bandit Champion at the Charlotte Motor Speedway 1/5 mile track. Driving in his first Bojangles’ Summer Shootout race as a Beginner Bandit was a dream come true and to win his first Summer Shootout race has become a reality. He was moved up to the Outlaw class for the second race of the Shootout. With the Outlaw class being the elite Bandolero class in the INEX racing series, it was a tough summer and by the end of the fall at Concord Speedway he was finishing in the top 5. It was during this series at Concord that Corey Gordon came onboard as Carson’s driving coach.

When Carson is not at the track racing, he and Corey are busy reviewing race videos, practicing at Concord Speedway, fine-tuning at Victory Lane Karting, and racing on iRacing. This paid off with Carson winning his first Outlaw race opening day of the 2018 Winter Heat at Charlotte Motor Speedway and his second Outlaw win at Concord Speedway in March 2018 and getting his first qualifying pole position at Concord.

2018 is starting out fun and exciting for Carson as he has driven himself into being a top 3 Outlaw contender each week. He is looking forward to his second year participating in the Bojangles’ Summer Shootout at his home track, Charlotte Motor Speedway. This will be his first full year of driving as an Outlaw in the INEX International Points Championship Series.

“I hate losing more than I love winning.” – Carson

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